Coding Services

Denied claims are a major problem facing today's health care practitioners. Getting a claim paid, and paid in a timely manner, can be a complicated process. An effective denial followup program can improve financial performance more efficiently than generating additional revenue or controlling costs.

A denial followup program can improve cash flow, increase revenue, and provide better bottom line performance. Therefore. the need to code correctly complex medical procedures is important.

  • Coding errors waste time, money. and tie up resources
  • Skilled coders are in short supply and high demand
  • Turnover and HR can be real headaches

Let FlagShipMD help. We have certified medical coders who have the skill and experience to do the job right the first time.

Why Choose FlagShipMD to do your Coding

  • No need to hire, train, and manage coding staffin-house. Save money while improving quality.
  • Thorough Q/A and Q/C functions insure accuracy and clean claims.
  • Our coders are experienced and certified to do the job right for your practice.

Our coders are also skilled in medical coding for multi-specialty clients including Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Oncology, and more.

  • Quick turnaround means claims are sent for payment quicker and revenue flow is smoothed.
  • Thorough followup for any denied claims until the claim is paid.

Our trained and certified billers and coders provide analysis and review of your coding. billing and charge practices. FlagShipMD audit and review of your charts attempts to identity areas where you can increase your income.

Billing Services

Demand 98%+


One Step Solution

Easier, Accurate, Secure and Economical

Value First - ASP (Application Service Provider) Access via Internet 24/7


Are you so satisfide with how you are currently doing things now that you are losing money?

(Our Customer are ecstatic and more profitable, Would you rather be “Satisfide“ or more profitable?)

Demand 98%+ on Collections

Our Results 98%+ collected on valid claims

FlagShipMD will get you the rest of your money.

Demand 98%+ on accuracy

FlagShipMD knows how important billing and revenue cycle management is you and your practices. it's not enough to practice good medicine. you have to get paid for it to stay in business. FlagShipMD focuses like a laser on getting your claims paid, with personal followup on each and every claim through adjudication and beyond.

  • Why FlagShipMD is Better
  • Expert coders verify charges
  • Cost Effective - We lower prices without sacrificing quality. Why pay more?
  • Flexibility - we use your software. if you desire
  • Convenience - FlagShipMD will adapt to your practice workflow
  • Electronic Superbills available in FlagShipMD
  • Electronic filing direct with many payers
  • FlagShipMD lets you see your revenue stream anytime, not just at month end
  • Control - Online comprehensive reporting gives you control
  • FlagShipMD can handle a one-person office or large 200 physician clinic
  • Quality Control checks for every claim
  • No servers to buy and maintain
  • No need to spend $50,000 - $200,000+ on software
  • No annual maintenance fees of 18% or more
  • Fast submission - claims sent daily
  • Denied claims are worked until paid, appealed. or adjudicated
  • Online support from real people
  • Web-based but secure 128-bit encryption keeps your data secure.
  • HIPAA compliant transactions ensure quick payment

Transcription Services

FlagShipMD Transcription

Accuracy, Speed. and Value are the hallmarks of FlagShipMD transcription service. Our expert transcriptionists are only part of our solution. We do thorough quality control and quality assurance to ensure a consistent level of excellence in our transcriptions. Results: Cost effective, and quality work done at a fraction of what you may be paying today.


  • Less time spent pulling paper charts means money saved
  • Instant access to patient information
  • No courier charges or lost tapes
  • Accurate transcription
  • Quick turnaround
  • Low cost
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible. You choose how and where to dictate your notes.
  • Thorough Q/A to ensure accurate transcription
  • Did we mention Low cost?
  • Patient notes available in PDF and text format.
  • Easy electronic signing of notes

Messaging Services

Resources Services

Payroll and HR Services

Paying your employees. calculating and paying taxes and complying with the reporting requirements of federal, state and local governments can he difficult and time-consuming. Let FlagShipMD take care of this for you with our payroll service. We will do your payroll tax calculations, payments, and reporting obligations quickly. accurately, and cost-effectively.

How many hours are spent each pay-period working on HR and payroll issues? Time that could be better spent generating income. How much is yourtime worth? It's not hard to see that using our payroll services can SAVE YOU MONEY.

Why FlagShipMD is Better?

  • We offer HR and Payroll services at a cost-sayings to you
  • Compliance with changing regulations
  • You don't have to worry about time-consuming payroll tasks
  • Control - our payroll services always under your control
  • Who wants headaches? Let us do the hard work.
  • We do the tax filling for you.
  • Benefits packages are part of our service.
  • We send W-2's at no extra charge
  • Secure 128-bit encryption keeps your data safe
  • No need to keep track of filling deadlines. We do that for you
  • You get direct deposit. electronic federal payroll tax payments (EFTPS) and payroll fillings
  • Toll-free customer support

Remote Network/Server Management

FlagShipMD Service Offerings

Are your computers giving you trouble? We can help.

Many physicians and physicians groups have invested a great deal in computer hardware and networks. We understand your desire to protect and leverage that investment. Unfortunately, maintaining and servicing technology infrastructure can be expensive and time-consuming.

For our physician clients with their own servers and network (and the headachesthat go with them) FlagShipMD offers remote network and server management services. These services allow you to focus on your patients. not computer hardware and network problems.

FlagShipMD has the skilled technical people necessary to manage servers and networks remotely. This means you can be assured of expert help when you need it, at a very cost-effective rate.

FlagShipMD Technical Services

  • Application Hosting - complete application hosting including application and DB management
  • Server Management - Managing servers for clients
  • Database Management- Managing databases including upgrades. and tuning
  • Security -Virus protection, firewalls, and security audits
  • Backup/Restore - backup and restore of client's data daily
  • Disaster Recovery - Disaster recovery services including disaster planning
  • Network Management- Network setup and management, including infrastructure
  • Oracle Support- DB support for Oracle database, patching. tuning, upgrades
  • Network Monitoring - 24x7 network monitoring to ensure availability
  • Database Monitoring - 24x7 Database monitoring. space monitoring. troubleshooting
  • Security Monitoring - 24x7 monitoring to prevent hacking, Denial of Service, and other attacks
  • Application Monitoring - 24x7 monitoring of client applications to ensure application is up and running
  • DBA Expertise - DBAs on-demand to assist in DB design, development, and testing
  • Capacity planning - planning services for growing businesses to anticipate computing needs
  • Find out more! Contact us today!