Mani Nallapillai - President

An entrepreneur with both a business and technical background, Mr. Nallapillai has built a successful Information Technology business from ground up. This is currently a consistent nationwide business with steady growth over 8 years. Geysers International has developed a reputation for quality and consistent service to it's many clients. Mani has managed budgets of$25.000.000.

Among his business accomplishment, Mani laid the foundation for opening business opportunities in the Japanese market. He has built promising software product lines with his own funds in the health care. commercial real estate, and project management domains. Prior to establishing Geysers International Mani contributed to well-known global companies as a key Application and Database architect, most recently with CSX Transportation.

Mani began work on FlagShipMD in mid 2001, in response to a perceived need for a workflow and BPO solution for the healthcare industry. Mr. Nallapillai has an engineering background with a graduate degree in Computer Science.