About FlagShipMD LLC

FlagShipMD LLC is a Florida based corporation with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. FlagShipMD is also the name of our medical billing and EMR web-based Solution for the medical industry. More than just software, FlagShipMD provides real help in revenue cycle management, scheduling, electronic medical records, and more.

FlagShipMD main service offering is our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution to the healthcare industry. We develop a strategic partnership with our clients that enable them to focus on their core business while achieving cost reduction and improving overall service quality.

FlagShipMD was designed by physicians. Great effort was made the system easy to use and learn. This has resulted in a system that can be used by doctors and staff members virtually anywhere an internet connection exists.

FlagShipMD Our Name

1. The ship that carries the commander of a fleet
2. The product or idea of highest quality or of most importance within a set.
MD - physician, healer.

Our name is evocative of our purpose to produce a superior medical practice management solution for healthcare providers. Web-based, secure, and easy to use, FlagShipMD was designed by physicians for physicians, with emphasis on reducing administrative costs and greatly increasing efficiency. Thus, FlagShipMD lives up to the meaning of its name, a product truly of the highest quality and importance for caring healthcare providers.

History of FlagShipMD

Mani Nallapillai, whose wife is a practicing physician. started FlagShipMD LLC. Through his wife and their acquaintance with other physicians, Mani learned of the problems and frustrations doctors experience in getting paid for their hard work. Many of these issue related to inadequate medical software that was difficult to learn and difficult to use. Mani decided to build a user-friendly and technologically superior product from the ground up. The result of 3 years intensive development effort is FlagShipMD

FlagShipMD software is a web-based, secure, robust, and flexible Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records solution. The system was developed and improved over a three year period, and has been in production since June 2003. The EMR module was completed and added in August of 2004.

Since then, FlagShipMD has been creating, transmitting, tracking, and following-up on millions of dollars of medical claims to insurance carriers and clearing houses, most electronically. This experience and the refinements made to FLAGSHIPMD have prepared us for offering world-class service at a low, monthly subscription rate.

Services Description

What is BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing is a strategic partnership to achieve cost reduction. improve service quality and enable you to focus on your core competencies. It is the contracting out of non-core business processes to an outside provider.

About FlagShlpMD BPO

FlagShipMD provides Business Process Outsourcing service (BPO). which refers to the allocation of one or more technology enabled business processes to a provider who possesses service capabilities and in turn delivers the processes based upon defined and measurable performance metrics.

Why use a BPO? Simple-bottom-line savings! Significant operating expense savings. reduced headaches and additional revenue opportunities are also available.

Our clients include Medical Billing Companies. Practices (multi/single specialty. hospitals. and nursing homes). Healthcare Management Companies. and Transcription Companies

What Benefits Do Clients Get From Outsourcing Their Billing To Us?

  • Claim rejections are reduced to less than 2%
  • Claims Submittal within 24 hours
  • Accelerated reimbursement-if you get paid, we get paid
  • Significant savings over competitors
  • Paperless office possible
  • Clients don’t have to worry about staff turnover and training
  • No vacation pay or sick days
  • Overlooked, neglected, late or inaccurate insurance claims or patient statements are no longer an issue No special hardware or software needed
  • Clients will not have to buy postage, forms or envelopes any more Minimize paperwork
  • Lower overhead
  • More time to see patients and generate revenue.

FlagShipMD Differentiation

  • FlagShipMD differentiates from the competition through its breadth of technology offerings and relatively lower costs.
  • BPO processing reduces costs, which can be passed on to clients.
  • Coding expertise and management ensures customer satisfaction
  • FlagShipMD’s workflow expedites claims processing and collections
  • A patient portal permits automating patient contact and better patient care
  • Integrated nationwide service capabilities can provide entry into new markets
  • FlagShipMD was designed for HIPAA compliancy. Many other PMS are not.
  • FlagShipMD is web-based, and thus available virtually anywhere.
  • FlagShipMD can offer practices flexibility in how they use the product. The medical office, if desired, can do claims
  • FlagShipMD has a full-function. integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.
  • This EMR is also web-based, allowing access from virtually anywhere
  • FlagShipMD EMR permits chart/notes entnry via templates, direct data entry, copy from previous visit, dictation using external devices. No other EMR provides this level of flexibility.
  • FlagShipMD provides transcription services to those practices requiring this.